High rise building cradle swing stage spider suspended rope scaffold

ZLP Series gondola is an ideal working access for facade works of high-rising buildings as facde construction, decoration,maintenance and so on ,And it is also widely used into elevator installation,ship building and repair,or in other works such as big-size tank,bridge,embankment and chimney.
Consists of the components as below: hoists, safety locks, electric control system, suspend platform, suspension mechanism, counter weight, steel rope, etc

الموديل مناسب تمامًا للتطبيقات خفيفة الوزن مثل الطلاء والتزيين ، التجديد ، التوصيل والإصلاح ، تنظيف النوافذ وما إلى ذلك. يتكون النظام الكامل من منصة التشغيل المجهزة برافعتين كهربائيتين ، وعجلات الدعم ، معلقة بواسطة حبال أسلاك الفولاذ من هيكل تعليق.

تطبيق المنصة الموقوفة:
1.Decorating and constructing the external walls of high rise buildings.
2.Repairing, checking, maintenance and cleaning for the external walls of the high rise buildings.
3.Construction, repairing and maintenance for large scale projects such as large tanks,chimneys,
dams & bridges.
4.Welding, cleaning and painting for large ships.
5.Installing billboard for the high- rise buildings.

ZLP1000 suspended platform is a popular model of our products. ZLP1000 suspended work platform, also known as gondola lift for building, is a common temporary lifting equipment in construction projects. It’s convenient and safe to work at heights with the gondola.
Our company has a wide range of suspended platforms, including ZLP250 single person suspended platform, ZLP500 electric cradle, ZLP630 hanging work platform, ZLP800 construction gondola, ZLP1000 suspended platform, and non-standard gondolas customization according to customers’ need. We can produce gondola lift in different specifications at the same time to meet market demands.

ZLP250/ZLP630/ZLP800/ZLP1000 Suspended Platform
ZLP series Temporarily installed suspended access equipment developed and produced by Gohigher Company which is an electric climbing type decoration machine, which is mainly applied to the external wall construction, decoration, cleaning and maintenance of high-rise and multi-storey buildings. It can also be applied to elevator installation, large tanks, bridges, dams and other engineering operations.

With famous brand of motor, large braking torque
Inside gear technique (machining-heat treatment-fine machining-surface nitridation-fine grinding), high precision, long services life.
Lubrication oil is 220# industry gear oil.
قفل السلامة:
تستخدم اسطوانة القفل الفولاذ المقاوم للصدأ الخاص ، مع مقاومة الصدمات القوية ، المتانة العالية ، مقاومة التآكل ، عمر الخدمة الطويل ، آمنة وموثوقة.
صندوق التحكم الكهربائي:
The electric components uses famous brand,CHNT,SCHNEIDER,quality is guaranteed.
Perfect circuit design,including leakage protection, current overload protection, emergency braking. Operate simply, safe and reliable.